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General Health

  1. 08 Amazing Ways To Cure Motion Sickness Effectively And Enjoy Travel

    ways to cure motion sickness

    Motion sickness is a sick feeling triggered by movement. It is caused by the repeated motion from a vehicle or any other movements that can agitate the inner year. Some people experience nausea or vomiting when riding an automobile, airplane, or amusement park ride. This is called motion sickness. When experiencing the same problem while riding on a ship or boat, it's commonly referred to as seasickness - however, it's the same disorder. 

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  2. Suffering From Diabetes? Know About The Effects Of High Cholesterol

    Cholestrol harms

    Recently diagnosed with high cholesterol? If yes, you are at risk of heart disease and other medical complications, such as diabetes. Many people think diabetes is caused by insufficient secretion of insulin in the body. But the fact is, the secreted insulin does not get dissolved by the blood cells because of an unwanted layer of cholesterol on the blood cells. This layer of cholesterol prevents the blood cells from interacting with insulin causing diabetes. There are more facts regarding the side effects of high cholesterol. You will get to know about it in this article.

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  3. Know If Your Sinus Infection Is Bacterial Or Viral

    sinus causes

    As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. almost 0.5% of all upper respiratory tract infections are complicated by sinusitis. This means the incidence of acute sinusitis ranges from 15-40 episodes per 1000 patients every year, depending on the setting. Such infection is more common in adults as compared to children, whose sinuses are not fully developed.

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  4. Struggling With Obesity? Know About A Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Bypass

    gastric bypass surgery

    Gastric bypass or roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery is a surgery that helps you to lose weight or counter obesity by altering how your stomach and small intestines handle the food you eat. After the surgery, your stomach will become smaller in size, with fewer calories, you'll feel fuller. Gastric bypass comes under a weight loss surgery, in which general anesthesia is used before this procedure. In this procedure, surgical steps are required in order to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach, keeping the rest of the stomach unused (bypassed).

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  5. Hemophilia Symptoms And Causes: Everything About The Genetic Disorder

    hemophilia symptoms and causes

    Hemophilia is a genetic disorder in which the blood does not clot due to a low level of specific proteins called ‘clotting factors,’ making it difficult for the blood to clot properly. This consequently results in excessive bleeding. The signs and symptoms of hemophilia differ according to the intensity and causes. There are 13 kinds of clotting factors that work with platelets in the process of clotting. These platelets are small blood cells that are formed in the bone marrow.

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  6. Knee Arthroplasty- A Comprehensive Guide On Knee Replacement Surgery

    knee anthroplasty

    Knee replacement surgery - also called knee arthroplasty - is a procedure that can help ease pain regain function in seriously diseased knee joints. This surgery involves clipping away damaged bone and cartilage from your thigh bone, shinbone, kneecap, and substituting it with an artificial joint - composed of high-grade plastics, metal alloys, and polymers.

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  7. Ultimate Tetanus Guide From Causes To Prevention

    tetanus prevention

    Tetanus is an infection that occurs because of a bacteria known as Clostridium tetani. When these bacteria enter the body, they release a poison (toxin), causing painful muscle contractions. So far no cure has been discovered, just tetanus prevention measures.  It is also known by the term ‘lockjaw’  because the infection results in a person’s neck and jaw muscles to lock, making it difficult to open the mouth or swallow.

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  8. Your Chronic Pain Is Eating Your Immunity

    chronic pain and immunity

    With so many queries right now about the dangers of the COVID-19, you might be wondering how chronic pain might affect the immune system’s ability to fight off disease. Since COVID-19 surfaced months ago, we have learned that certain people are more susceptible to it than others. Peter Abaci, MD, is one of the world’s leading experts on chronic pain and integrative medicine. 

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  9. What Are Your Irregular Periods Trying To Tell You?

    Irregular menstrual cycle

    An irregular period is a menstrual cycle which for an unexpected reason, continually falls outside "regular" ranges. Some variability is normal in your cycle length. Irregularity is also typical and expected when your periods first begin in life (menarche), and when they are coming to an end (perimenopause). They are also expected after pregnancy and while stopping or starting a method of hormonal birth control. 

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  10. Best 07 Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs

    how to clean your lungs

    If you have had years of breathing in pollution, cigarette smoke, viruses, and other contaminants, cleansing out your lungs may sound very enticing to you. There are tons of products available on the market that claim to eradicate toxins from your lungs including essential oils, vitamins, teas, etc., although there is no scientific research to support the efficacy of any of them.

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